Acts—What to Do

If you would like to participate in this growing and life-sustaining ministry by helping people in Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Sudan survive their starvation conditions due to famine, drought and war, you may:


1)  Collect, save, find, request all the dimes you can from January-December...

2)  Give them to your local Church of the Nazarene as a tax-deductible donation...

3)  The Church Treasurer can write a church check payable to: Global Treasury Services(formerly “General Treasurer”) and put this important code on the “Memo” line on the check:


which is the Africa Feeding Program for the Church of the Nazarene.  This code is extremely IMPORTANT to include!  This donation will show up as a contribution to Nazarene Compassionate Ministries for the local Church and be part of the “Ten Percent” program of the Church.


4)  Then send the check to:

             Global Treasury Services

             Church of the Nazarene

             6401 The Paseo

             Kansas City, MO    64131-1284


5)  If you have any questions, you may contact Rev. John Wilcox (District President for Nazarene Missions International on the Northern California District) at:

             Home:  831.423.3696  (evenings)

             Office: 831.423.3630  (days)

             Cell:     831.588.9232  (best anytime)

             FAX:    831.423.3631


US mail: 115 South Morrissey Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA, 95062