Story #01 - The Stories Begin

 I began to tell people this story and the response was nothing short of miraculous.  It didn’t seem to matter if I told a relative, a friend, a total stranger, a banker, a funeral home owner, a cashier, an adult, a young person, a child, a congregation of Nazarenes or a group of homeless people downtown, the response was always the same.  They would dig into their pockets or purses and give me all the dimes they had.  I told a bank teller one time to cash a $50 check with 500 dimes.  She asked me why I wanted all those dimes, and so I told her the story.  She not only gave me the 500 dimes, but an extra roll of dimes (50) from her.  The teller next to her had overheard the story and did the same thing.  They both said, “I’ll make up the difference later!”