Story #11 - Doug Lake

    In the spring of 2004, the doorbell rang in our church office.  I went to answer it and was surprised to see Ed, a friend of mine who used to attend our church.  He was holding a blue pie tin, with the lid taped on.  (You know, the kind of tin used at Christmas to hold cookies, or my personal favorite, peanut brittle.)  Twenty years ago, his son Dougie, then 15 years of age, had been tragically killed in a motorcycle accident.  Ed, and his wife Rosalind, had not been able to clean out Dougie’s dresser.  They just left it as it was for 20 years.  Finally, they decided to go through it and give it to someone who could use it.  In the bottom drawer they found this pie tin, and when they shook it, they knew it was full of coins.  Ed brought it over so he and I could open it together.  We both were very quiet and solemn, and our eyes were well-lubricated.  When we opened up the tin there were dozens of dimes!  For some reason, twenty years earlier, Dougie had been saving away his dimes.  Ed told me to use these dimes for any ministry I thought could use them.  I told him about the dimes for Africa, and he just nodded without speaking.  So, Dougie Lake has donated 254 dimes, and was our “first” donor.  Since then, his dad and mom have given thousands more dimes to the cause.