Story #13 - The Acorn Doesn’t Fall Far from the Oak Tree

   The old saying is that “the acorn doesn’t fall far from the oak tree” and it’s true in this case.  My mother, Gwen Wilcox, from San Jose, CA, has recently taken up the challenge that I put forth to our Northern California District at our most recent NMI Convention.  I gave out 254 dimes, one to each person there that afternoon.  I asked them over the next year, to see if they could multiply those dimes and bring them back in May, 2007.  My mom changed her dime into ten pennies with the idea that she would sell her pennies for a dime, thus multiplying her dime ten-fold.  What she has found out however, is that people will buy her penny for as many dimes as they have on them, and let her keep the penny too!  She has either walked with her walker to all the neighbors or rode her little red scooter to their homes, to solicit her pennies.  As of Father’s Day, 2006, (in just 5 weeks) her one dime has been multiplied to 1,300 dimes, and she’s still got all of her pennies!  It’s been a great thing for her to meet all of their new neighbors too!  After living in that same home for 51 years, my folks are sort of the “grandparents” of the entire block, and are welcomed into everyone’s homes.  Good for them!!