Story #14 - The Artist of Green Valley, Arizona

    My Uncle Gene Johnson, is known all over the world as a great painter and “pot thrower” (beautiful works of clay “thrown” on a wheel).  He is indeed very, VERY talented.  The other day I received a letter from him, catching me up on the doings of his and my Aunt Lee.  He ended by saying, “Enclosed is my check for $62 representing the dimes I’ve saved over the last two years.”  Well, there was no check enclosed.  I wrote back thanking him for the money, but letting him know it never arrived, so he wouldn’t be wondering where the cancelled check is.  About two weeks later, he wrote back, this time with a check for $70.  He explained, “In the two weeks since I last wrote I have found more dimes than usual, so now the amount is up to $70.  Sometimes it pays to be forgetful!”  Indeed!