Story #15 - Great News from Guatemala

   In August of 2005, it was my joy to attend a Missions Rally in San Jose for all of our Spanish ministries on the Northern California District.  Our District Superintendent, John Calhoun, allowed me a few minutes to tell the multiple congregations about Nazarene Missions International.  Among several points, I mentioned the “dimes.”  After the great service was over, I was at the back greeting many of the people.  The soloist from the service quietly waited to speak to me.  This was her testimony: “I am a new Christian, but for several years God had been telling me to save some money for missions.  Now I know why.  I would like to donate some money to your dimes ministry.”  I thanked her for her generosity and sensitivity to God, and began telling her how best to do it.  Almost as an aside, I asked her how many dimes we were talking about and she said, “100,000...$10,000-worth!”  Praise the Lord!!