Story #16 - Miss Eula

   The oldest person I have ever preached to regularly lives in La Posada (see Story #7) and her name is Eula.  She just turned 101 in May of 2006.  She was raised in a mud house with no windows (“just openings”) in Kansas.  She was given a big blowout birthday for her 100th and we were invited to the party up at Chaminade, in the hills of Santa Cruz.  She received many accolades from her children, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren and her lots of money.  I mean, what do you get a 100-year-old person who needs nothing and wants even less?  Money, of course.  I’m not supposed to be telling you this (I sort of promised her) but she gave it all to the starving people of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan.  (I’ll go ahead and keep the amount a secret in hopes that I haven’t sinned!)  Bless her heart.  She cried as she told me, “I remember many a night going to bed hungry when I was a little girl.  I know what it feels like.  I don’t want those African children to go through that.”  Now that’s a saint!