Story #17 - Good News from Napa, CA

    In June of 2005, I received a call from a friend in Napa, CA, Debbie Bryant.  A woman in her church had passed away but in her will had given some money for our “Dimes for Africa” ministry.  Debbie was calling me to find out how to best get it to the starving people, so I told her (see “How To Send It”).  This woman had been a faithful steward of God’s gifts to her all of her life, and in her passing, she wanted her money to continue to bless others.  After we went through the “nuts and bolts” of sending the money, Debbie told me how much was given: 144,000 dimes!!  Now that’s a great biblical number given by a great Bible scholar.  She will feed nearly 400 people for an entire year with her gift.