Story #18 - Good Ol’ Boys

    On March 23, 2006, three of my friends from my Kiwanis Club came to see me.  They were holding a jar full of money and I could plainly see that they had just about everything in there, including some $20 bills.  One of them told me the story.  By the way, our weekly meetings are held up at a golf clubhouse every Thursday morning.  We have an outside closet to store everything we need for the meetings, including: video projector, DVD projector, powerpoint projector, screens, laptop computer, sound system, television, podium and CD player.  Plus there were flags, banners, poles, and other various items.  Someone, in the night, had broken into the closet and stolen every thing...except this jar of money.  It had sat on the middle shelf out on the front edge.  The thieves had taken things behind the jar, and on either side of the jar, but not the jar itself, and it was clearly full of cash!!  These guys in our club collect dimes every week to feed the starving people of Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Sudan, and they keep the money in this jar.  One of the guys who doesn’t presently profess Christ as His Savior, said, “Wilcox, there must have been some Nazarene angels sitting on this jar because the thieves didn’t even see it!”  After they drove away, I took the jar up to my missions’ office and counted the money...well over 2,000 dimes-worth this time.  (And this is the fourth dime-donation they’ve given me since Thanksgiving of 2005!)   I believe it...there must have been some angels standing as sentinels on this money designated for the people of Africa.  I say, “Praise the Lord!”