Story #04 - The Week After the Thanksgiving Banquet

    I happened to run into one of the gentlemen from the banquet six days later at a meeting we were both attending.  He confessed to me that he hadn’t really believed all of those “tales” I had told, so he hadn’t put any dimes in the cup that night.  However, the very next morning after the banquet, on a foggy and cold Saturday, he took a long walk.  In his heart he was grousing about all of the emotions from the previous evening and how it had touched his wife “silly.”  A block from his home he found three dimes on the sidewalk.  This is what he told me, “Reverend, these three dimes were all in a row, edges touching, all with the heads-side up and all of them were 2002 vintage (brand new).  I guess your God was trying to tell me something!”  With that, he reached into his pocket and gave me those three dimes.  He said, “I didn’t believe you...but now I do.”  Since then, this man has given me hundreds and hundreds of dimes to give to the starving people in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan.