Story #05 - Little Leeann

    My wife, Debi, teaches second grade at a large Christian school in Scotts Valley, CA.  During that same November of 2002, she told her class of 24 students the story of the dimes and how it can impact the starving people of northern Africa.  One of her students Leeann, took it to heart.  When the Thanksgiving holiday brought 14 of her relatives to her home, before they gave thanks to God for the feast in front of them, she told her version of the dimes and passed around a zip-lock baggie.  Her relatives responded.  The following Monday evening, my wife brought home the baggie full of 68 dimes...along with a note from Leeann.  It read, “Dear Pastor Wilcox, please feed the starving babies in Africa for me.  Love, Leeann.”  I still have the note.  It reminds me of the magnificent and innocent faith of a child.