Story #08 - Long’s Drug Store

    I usually spend part of my “day off” at Long’s Drug store.  With two teenagers and a wonderful wife at home, there always seems to be a need for a trip to Long’s every week.  One December Monday in 2002, I was at the checkout stand with my “needed items.”  I don’t know what the exact total was that day, but I do remember that along with some bills, the change in coins was for 83 cents.  Typically, you would expect to receive three quarters, a nickel and three pennies.  The cashier apologized for giving me eight dimes and three pennies.  I said, “No problem.  These eight dimes will feed eight people for a day in Ethiopia and Eritrea.”  Well, she wanted to hear the story, so I was merciful and gave her the “Reader’s Digest” version.  She reached into her cash drawer and gave me an additional roll of dimes (50) with tears in her eyes.  The lady waiting behind me lost no time in reaching into her purse and gave me the four dimes she had.  The man behind her reached into his pocket and gave me all of his change...the equivalent of 21 dimes!  The “problem” of getting eight dimes in my 83 cents of change had eventually come to a total of 83 dimes.  Do you think God was smiling?