Story #09 - The Flight to Kansas City

    It was my privilege to serve on the General Council of Nazarene Missions International for eight years.  In February of 2003, I was on the plane headed for our meetings in Kansas City, MO.  I had been asked to share a devotional at the opening meeting the next morning, so was deep in thought as to what I would say.  My heart was constantly stirred because of the needs in Africa, so I had decided I would share a devotional about how God was using these tiny coins for His children in northern Africa.  A tear or two found their way down my face, and the woman sitting next to me saw them falling to my shirt so she asked me if I was okay.  I shared with her what the Lord was doing in my life to help feed these starving people in Africa, and we both shed some tears.  She quietly reached into her purse and gave me 9 dimes...she was surprised she had that many.  We walked to the baggage claim together as she shared about her life away from the Lord, and I encouraged her to find her way back (she had walked with the Lord through college but then had married a non-believer).  I put my briefcase between my feet as we waited for our luggage to arrive.  She got hers and left.  Mine was the last one off the plane (I like to think it was because it was the first one on due to my “early” arrival to the airport) so I snagged it off the conveyor belt and picked up my briefcase to go.  Under my briefcase, the entire time I had been standing there, was another dime.