Genesis—The Beginning

In August of 2002, I went on an evening walk with my 13-year-old son, Grady, around our local neighborhood, in Santa Cruz, California.  He was on his bicycle so was ahead of me most of the time.  I heard him shout to me, “Hey Papa, I found a dime!”  Sure enough, he had!  We walked on and it was my turn to find a dime...only I found two!  After a few moments, we fell back into our conversation about the importance of education beyond the seventh grade (I was for it and he was against it).  We sort of forgot about the dimes.  Anyway, thirty cents in one walk is pretty good, right?  BUT, we did find more.  And more.  And more.  By the time we got back home a half-hour later, we had found 37 dimes in less than two miles of walking.  We hadn’t found any other kind of coin...just dimes.


Odd as that was, I probably would have forgotten about it within a couple of days because, well, I am at that age of forgetfulness.  But, I kept finding dimes.  It was very odd, very curious, a little disconcerting and sometimes funny.  I would find 2 or 3 dimes nearly everyday no matter where I’d go.  When I got up to 100 by the end of September, it had become a real spiritual thing for me.  I would find a dime in a parking lot, or by the curb, or on the floor of the mall, and look up to Heaven and say, “WHY Lord?  Why are You sending all these dimes?”

“Hey Papa, I found a dime!”

Then on October 21, 2002, when my dime-count had surpassed 200, I received an email from Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.  I got to the first paragraph of the second page and read these words, “It only takes ten cents (U.S.) to feed one person for one day in Ethiopia and Eritrea.”  The only way I can explain what happened in the next few minutes is to say that the Holy Spirit enveloped my office.  For twenty minutes, I re-read that one sentence over and over and thanked the Lord for His answer.  I hope everyone who reads these words knows what I’m talking about regarding the sudden presence of God’s Spirit in a place and on a person.  It can’t really be explained...just experienced.