News from Ethiopia   

Date: 06/26/06

    The “end of the story” has yet to be written, but the latest news is unbelievable.  Of all the things we have on this webpage, this is the most important aspect.  This is NOT a matter of how many dimes we have sent over to IS a matter of how God has taken our small gift of “two fish and five loaves of bread” and multiplied it a million times over. 



     One night, the Nazarene missions team came to show the village (in Ethiopia) the JESUS film.  The team assembled everything and then met for prayer, and finally it was “show time!”  None of the nationals had ever heard of a “television” much less a “movie” so they all came out to watch...150 souls.  Let me pick up there with the letter from missionary Howie Shute:  “The Lord inspired us to show them the Old Testament Introduction to the JESUS film first and we found out later just how important that was.  Later, just at the Garden of Gethsemane scene, the chief stood and announced through our microphone a message that went something like this: ‘We now know that there is a God.  We also know now that He created us.  We never knew these things before.  We see that there was much fruit in the garden (Garden of Eden).  We plant much seed but gather no fruit.  We are like Adam who was thrown out of the garden.  We live like animals.  We walk naked before one another.  We have little of our own to eat.  We do not need to see anymore of the film.  Just tell us: WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO?’  Yohannes, our JESUS film coordinator, told them to wait just a couple more minutes, and then he showed them the crucifixion and resurrection scenes from the film.  It was the shortest JESUS film showing ever.  As he called them to make a decision for Christ, the Chief and the 18-member tribunal came forward, prayed the prayer of faith, and received Christ Jesus as their Savior.  The head of the tribe’s “militia” has been called to be a preacher, and has now planted a church in that village.  In his second Sunday, he took in 150 new members...the entire village!!”


     In a second letter, Howie continues to write about the movement of God upon the great Horn of Africa: “I don’t know where to start to communicate what I have witnessed in the last nine days.  I’ve just returned from Ethiopia South Central District, where I have personally witnessed the greatest movement of God that I have seen in my lifetime.  What I saw throughout the South Central District is nothing short of a miracle.  Churches planting churches that are planting churches.  I would visit one church and I would find that it was less than a year old.  Then I would go to another church and find out that this church had been planted by the previous church I had just visited.  Then I would go to another church and find that this church had been planted by the church that had been planted by the first church I had visited.  The first church had become a “grandmother” in less than a year!”

    “The new church plants another church.  It’s amazing!!  There are evangelists on the road and in the bush everywhere, all planting Bible studies and churches.  No one has any money.  The only food they have comes from your generous giving.  Sometimes these evangelists are walking miles and miles over mountains and through the valleys to get to another Bible study.”

     “Last year, this District planted 100 new churches!  This year, in only 4 months, they have planted another 100 churches.  The leaders say with complete confidence that in the next twelve months, they will plant ‘one thousand new churches.’  Remember, this is only ONE district.  Somehow, our brand new Christians/Nazarenes in Ethiopia have grabbed a hold of Jesus’ promise in John 14:12 that says they will do even greater things than what Jesus did during His ministry on earth.”




     Howie writes more:  “In Sudan, we are having thousands upon thousands accept Jesus as their Savior.  We are expecting a minimum of 400 new churches in the Sudan this year.  The Nazarenes in the Horn of Africa are believing that they will plant thousands of churches.  We’re not talking about generic or syncretic churches, but HOLINESS churches!  Our pastors and congregations are being persecuted, but they are remaining faithful to God’s call to preach and baptize.  The great miracle of Pentecost was 3,000 new believers in one day, but we are having sometimes 20,000 in ONE DAY praying for their sins to be forgiven and accepting Christ.  Our vision is increasing.  We now believe that God will finish the Great Commission in the Horn of Africa in THIS GENERATION.  We are counting on God to help us...and we are counting on you to help Him!”


     “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”  Matthew 24:14